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About Me
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I studied fine art and graphic design in Germany and England and have worked mainly as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for more than 30 years in Europe and Africa. I lived for 14 years in Southern Africa where my interest in working with community groups for health, development and education began. I have extensive world travel experience and lived and worked for 6 months each in the USA, Spain, Iran and India, 4 years in South Africa and 9 years in Botswana.

I have designed about 50 book covers, illustrated more than 80 educational books and 14 children's books, numerous posters, educational comic strips, leaflets, logos, postage stamps, Christmas cards and T-shirts for charities and NGO's. Nearly all my work focuses on development or educational material.

I also work as a trainer for visual aids production workshops mainly in Africa, either on my own or as a member of 'Health Images', a charity organisation specialising in visual aids production workshops.

My experiences in Africa include 9 years in Botswana as a workshop manager for silk screen printers, trainer and design advisor for small businesses as well as being an art teacher at schools. I also started the first art school for children and adults in Botswana. Subsequently I have led visual aids production workshops mainly in African countries. (Kenya, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Ghana, Sudan, Malawi, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Cote d' Ivoire, Liberia, Palestine and East Timor) on a wide variety of subjects such as primary health care, agriculture, AIDS, adult literacy, environment, trauma therapy and gender issues.

Petra Sculpting

I also work throughout the UK providing workshops for agencies involved in such areas as race-relations, community work and conflict resolution. The venues have included schools, universities, volunteer organisations and local community groups.

In recent years I have concentrated more on my own painting and in the last two years started to work as a sculptor. I regularly participate in exhibitions and have had 12 solo exhibitions in different countries. I am a member (and in 2010/2011 I was the president) of the Birmingham Art Circle. I am a member of the Sutton Artist Society and I am an Associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. I have won a number of prizes for the best painting in exhibitions.

For the last 6 years I have run a life drawing group once a week in my studio.