Graphic Design


I studied graphic design for 4 years at the ‘Meisterschule für Mode’ in Hamburg and continued a further year in the "Selecta"( a reward for having passed as the best student).

After my studies I worked for 3 years as a graphic designer and photographer at 'Lintas' advertising agency in Hamburg. Then I travelled round the world for 2 years and 'got stuck' in South Africa. There I worked again as a graphic designer for 2 years at 'Lindsay Smithers' advertising agency in the Durban and Cape Town branch.

After that I started to work as a freelance graphic artist and my work moved away from advertising to educational materials.

I have designed a great variety of graphic designs for clients in the UK, America, Asia, the Middle East and for many different African countries.

The artwork includes:
Postage Stamps
Letter Heads
Tape and CD Covers
Greeting Cards
Book Covers

As you can see from the menu buttons I have split up my artwork into four sections.

DEC cover