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Botswana: Silk-screen printing for income generating, 1996-1997 (3 months)
The Gambia: Family planning and spacing, Marlborough Brandt Group, 1995 (twice)
Malawi: Setting up workshops for NGO’s, British Council, 1995
Ethiopia: Aids Education workshop, Oxfam, 1994 (twice) Kenya: Primary health care and animal husbandry, Farm Africa, 1994
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Zambia: Designing Literacy material for SWAPO, Stage 2, 1988
Ghana: Workshop on water health, 1988
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I also facilitated a great number of one-day visual aids production workshops in the UK for university schools, aid agencies and local community groups and I am a regular part time trainer for VSO.

Second edition of ‘Where there is no artist’ Practical Action Publishing, 2007
Logo and letterhead designs for the Labour Party, 2007
Published ‘Where there is no Artist’, Intermediate Technology, UK 1997
T-shirt design for Festival of Music and Dance, Medical Foundation, 1993
T-shirt design for Oxfam, 1991 and 1992
3 drawings for ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ programme, BBC2, 1991
Christmas greeting cards for ‘Christians Aware’, nearly every year since 1992
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T-shirt design for Women's Festival, 1990
Art Curriculum book reviews for Kenya, 1986, 89, 90
Set of 6 greeting cards for Amnesty International, 1986
National Museum and Art Gallery, 1985
Member of the art panel of the Ministry of Education to write and illustrate the Art Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Botswana, 1985.
1 stamp for Botswana endangered species, 1983
Set of 4 postage stamps and first day cover for Botswana, 1980
Display case with 4 paintings and 11 sculptures on the influence by missionaries, Botswana
Designer for ‘Active Art’, greeting cards, posters, T-shirt designs, mugs, bags and calendars
Designed numerous leaflets, letterheads and logos for the Ministry of Health, Social Services, Selly Oak Colleges, Race Relation Unit, Child to Child, etc.

I have held 12 solo exhibitions in Germany, Iran, India, South Africa, Botswana Scotland and UK and participate regularly in group exhibitions.