Visual Aids



According to UNESCO over one billion adult people are non- literate. This is 26% of the world’s adult population! Women make up two thirds of all non- literate people and 98% of the people who cannot read or write come from developing countries. For these people pictures, or visual aids, can become a very important educational tool and can at times mean the difference between life and death. Pictures can stimulate discussions, raise critical awareness and can help people to make local decisions and take actions.

Thousands of field workers worldwide need simple posters, flipchart cards, discussion starter pictures, sorting cards, comic strips or any other form of interactive or participatory visual aid which helps people to understand health or educational issues.

Over the last 30 years I have been facilitating visual aids production workshops, either on my own or as a member of Health Images, a UK based charity organisation of artists and graphic designers that provide training in the design, production, and use of visual aids for health and development.

In addition I have been designing thousands of simple line drawings for a great number of development organisations, some of them I used for my book ‘Where there is no Artist’.

Under the sub menus you will find more detailed information about the visual aids production workshops, samples of my development drawings and pages from my book.